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    The travel organizer guarantees the realization of the arrangement according to the description in the program. The content of the arrangement will be realized in full and in the described way, except in case of influence of “force majeure”, which could not have been foreseen (war, terrorist acts, epidemics, strike, natural disasters, traffic and technical problems in transportation, or similar).
    Application-travel contract is made until the places are filled, with payment of advance payment at the price indicated on each individual program. Applications can be made in the agencies of the travel agency S-Travel DOO and in all other agencies authorized to sell its programs (subagents). When registering, the buyer pays an advance of 30% of the value of the arrangement, unless otherwise stated in the program, and the rest after the confimation of the reservation by the reservation service, no later than 15 days before the realization of the arrangement or the deadline stated in the arrangement itself. If the passenger does not pay for the arrangement by that deadline, the organizer will consider that the passenger cancels the arrangement and will charge the costs for cancellation of the arrangement in accordance with the conditions of Article 6 “Cancellation of the trip” by the passenger, unless otherwise stated in the program. Upon check-in, the traveler signs an application-contract with a statement – “I declare that I am familiar with the program and the General Travel Conditions, and that I fully accept them!” Thus the General Travel Conditions become a legal obligation for the organizer and the traveler.
    Prices for all trips are published in Denars or Euros with obligation to pay in Denar counter value according to the exchange rate – published by the organizer. Any request for additional services implies additional payments. The organizer reserves the right to change the price of the arrangement in case of change in the prices of hotel, transport and other services, as well as in case of change in exchange rates on the market. To increase the price up to 10% does not require the consent of the buyer (calculated on the rest of the payment). In case of increase of more than 10%, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract without obligation to compensate the damage resulting from the cancellation. If within two days of receiving the notification, the passenger does not notify the organizer in writing that he cancels the contract, considers that it has accepted the new price. Additional announcements of travel price reductions (eg special offers or discounts of the type “last minute”) can not refer to already concluded Contracts and can not be the basis for any objection or complaint of the passenger to the travel organizer.
    The offered hotels and apartments are described according to the official categorization at the time of publishing the catalog. The quality of services is standardized by local tourism authorities. Accommodation and service standards vary by destination and do not compare. The organizer does not take responsibility for any other oral or written information, which is not in accordance with the description of services in the offered program.
    The organizer has the right to modify the program (in duration or content) or to cancel the program completely in case of force majeure or extraordinary circumstances that he could not have foreseen, avoided or removed. The participant of the trip has the right to a refund of the amount for the unrealized services or by agreement with the organizer of the trip, the already paid amount can be used for another program from the offer of the organizer of the trip. In rare cases when there is no possibility for accommodation in the booked facility, due to technical reasons or “over booking” by the hotelier, the organizer will accommodate the passenger according to the possibilities at the moment, in a facility of the same category or higher category, free of charge. The organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel the arrangement in case of insufficient number of registered passengers from the minimum provided for a certain arrangement. The organizer is obliged to inform all buyers about the cancellation at least 5 days before the start of the realization of the arrangement and to return the fully paid funds no later than 8 days from the day of cancellation.
    The traveler can cancel the trip at any time and should do so in writing. The date of the written cancellation is the basis for calculation and collection of the cancellation costs (in relation to the basic price of the arrangement), unless otherwise determined by the Program, according to the following scale:

    Attitude. 1
  • for cancellation from 60 to 45 days before the trip, 5% of the arrangement is charged
  • for cancellation from 44 to 30 days before the trip, 10% of the arrangement is charged
  • for cancellation up to 30 days before the trip, 30% of the arrangement is charged
  • for cancellation from 29 to 15 days before the trip, 50% of the arrangement is charged
  • for cancellation from 14 to 5 days before the trip, 80% of the arrangement is charged
  • for cancellation from 5 to 0 days before the trip or during the trip, 100% of the arrangement is charged.
    “In case of cancellation of the arrangement by the passenger (for personal reasons), with which the previously issued voucher is realized in case of emergency, the same passenger explicitly agrees and after cancellation of the arrangement, to be issued a new voucher again which will be issued in the amount of which the penalty for cancellation of the arrangement is calculated in accordance with the table from Article 6 of the General Conditions of Travel”

    In case of cancellation of an arrangement by the passenger, which was paid during the discount or arrangement from the special promotions of the agency (so-called first minute, early booking offers, etc.) for which the discounted prices are valid only if an amount is paid from 30% or 50% of the included amount of the arrangement until the validity date of the discount, the paid amount is non-refundable, ie it is not refundable to the passenger and the same amount can not be used for another type of arrangement. When canceling the arrangement paid by regular prices, the cancellation conditions published in the description of the arrangement and in the General conditions of travel (Article 6 paragraph 1) apply. When changing the prices (increasing the prices by publishing a new price list) the price of the already agreed services will not change. On cancellation of an already confirmed “referral reservation”, the organizer will charge cancellation fees in the amount of the paid advance payment. If the passenger cancels the trip in time, the organizer is entitled to a manipulative fee in the amount of 10 € (euro), upon application-contract. If the passenger changes the departure date of the same arrangement at least 15 days before the day of the previously confirmed departure, if possible the organizer will change the reservation and charge only handling costs in the amount of 10 € (euros), upon application-contract. If the passenger cancels the arrangement before the start of the trip, for reasons he could not have foreseen, avoided or eliminated (illness, injury or death in the immediate family, natural disaster, etc.), and based on a valid certificate from the competent authorities, in that case does not pay the cancellation costs according to the stated scale, but only the actual costs arising from the cancellation of the arrangement, which the organizer is obliged to pay to the final service provider, without the right of refund. If the passenger cancels the arrangement after the start of the trip (during the trip or during the stay at the place of travel), due to events that result in the impact of “force majeure” (military events, terrorist acts, natural disasters, traffic accidents, etc.), which neither the passenger nor the organizer could have foreseen, avoided or eliminated them, the organizer is not responsible nor has the obligation to return funds for unrealized services, unless the service provider accepted and refunded them.
    The organizer is obliged to take care of the realization of the services and the selection of the service providers with the attention of a good organizer, and to take care of the interests of the passengers in accordance with the professional principles in tourism. The organizer is obliged to provide the passenger with all the services listed for the individual arrangement in the program. The organizer is obliged to conclude contracts only with transport companies whose means of transport meet the conditions determined by a regulation in the field of public road traffic, for which an approval or license for work is issued and the control of the operation is performed by a competent body of the state in which they are registered. obliged to conclude contracts and undertake other business activities only with catering legal entities that have a license and category of the facility, for which approval or license for work is issued and control of the operation is performed by a competent body of the state in which they are registered. The organizer is obliged to conclude agreements only with licensed tour guides and escorts, for which an approval or work license is issued and control of the operation is performed by a competent authority of the state in which they are registered. tour guides and escorts which for which he could not have foreseen or avoided, and for which the approval or license is issued and the control of the operation is performed by a competent body of the state in which they are registered. The organizer is not responsible for damage caused due to changes in the program or unperformed services under the influence of force majeure. The organizer excludes any liability in case of changes and non-performance of services caused by force majeure as well as delays responds according to positive regulations and international conventions. The travel organizer does not accept any responsibility if the diplomatic-consular mission refuses to issue an entry visa or is late in issuing the visa, or if the immigration department of a foreign country does not approve the entry of a certain passenger. The tour operator does not accept responsibility if the traveler has lost his / her travel document, or the passenger ‘s travel document is invalid, expired or with insufficient period of validity to enter the country in which he / she travels. In all the above cases, the organizer will provide adequate assistance to the affected user for safe return from the trip or realization of possible claims from the service provider, but will also collect any costs that may arise from those additional services.
    The traveler is obliged to take care that he personally, his documents and objects meet the conditions provided by the border, customs, health and other regulations of his country as well as the country in which he travels, to adhere to the house rules in catering and hotel facilities. , as well as in the means of transport, and to cooperate with the representative / companion of the organizer and the performers of the services in good faith. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the passenger is liable to the organizer for the damage done. Passengers who disturb the order in the facilities or the vehicle can be removed from the arrangement. The traveler is obliged to have a valid passport, to request information from the competent services, or to inform the organizer whether the country in which he travels (or the countries through which he travels in transit) needs a visa, in order to obtain it in time. The traveler is obliged to be informed about the foreign exchange and customs regulations in his country and the countries in which he travels. When traveling by air, the passenger is obliged to check his flight reservation – at the agency, no later than 72 hours before the flight. The passenger is obliged to keep, personally responsible, for all his documents, money, personal luggage for the entire time of the trip.
    Passenger transport by air is regulated by international air traffic rules as well as the rules of the airline hired by the tour operator. All scheduled air travel means transport of economy class passengers. In case of change of the scheduled departure time by the airline as well as the delay of the plane (on one or more regular lines or charter flights during the trip ), the tour operator does not bear the responsibility for any consequences caused by the delay, but the applicable regulations and customs in the field of air traffic apply. abbreviated and incomplete names by the passenger) often create consequences from declaring the ticket irregular / invalid, and there is a need to write new airline tickets, which are borne by the passenger. These mistakes can cause serious problems for passengers during the trip and are the personal responsibility of the passenger. The passenger is responsible for his / her plane ticket from the moment he / she receives it from the airport guide or the agency officer. There is no possibility of issuing a duplicate card, nor a boarding pass. The traveler fully bears the consequences of losing the car during the trip.
    Bus transportation and bus transfers are performed by standard tourist buses according to the regulations and criteria that apply in the countries where the bus carrier is registered. , nor an established way of changing seats by days during bus travel. Seats on the bus are determined by the tour operator and are usually assigned sequentially according to the passenger’s check-in date on the arrangement. The passenger is obliged to accept the seat in the bus that will be assigned to him by the agency. No further changes are possible. The agency makes the seating schedule, taking into account the elderly, families with young children, pregnant women, as well as the payment period. If the passenger wants to reserve a certain seat, when paying at the agency he can pay a certain amount and choose a seat (except for the first row, which is reserved for the staff!)

    Exceptions may be certain bus trips, and in such cases this trip is regulated by a special provision in the program of the trip. In case of delay of the bus due to weather conditions, emergency traffic conditions, excessive border delays, technical breakdown of the same or similarly, the travel organizer is not responsible for any delays. Provisions regarding travel by boat or rail are set out in the travel plans which provide for the use of these means of transport.
    The passenger is entitled to free luggage transportation, up to 15 kg on charter flights and 20 kg on regular flights, and one piece of hand luggage, unless otherwise stated in the program. In the case of free bus or charter transport, free luggage from one travel bag (up to 20 kg) per passenger is allowed, one piece of hand luggage, unless otherwise stated in the program. For each kilogram of luggage or travel bag over the allowed, the carrier has the right to charge additional costs per kilogram / piece or not to allow transportation, depending on the luggage space of the vehicle. In case of using flights from the so-called low budget airlines, the use of the service of free baggage transportation is determined in accordance with the rules of the airline with which the flight is realized. Children up to 2 years. of air transport and children who do not pay for a bus ticket, are entitled to free luggage in accordance with international rules. Importation of commercial goods, food, beverages, drugs, narcotics, chemical and other flammable substances, weapons, animals, plants, packaging and similar items is not allowed as luggage. When loading and unloading the luggage from the vehicle, the passenger in person is responsible for it. The passenger takes care of the luggage during the realization of the arrangement. Therefore, we recommend that you make a Travel Insurance policy with luggage insurance before the trip, through an Insurance company, which can be paid at the agency. The organizer is not responsible for the destroyed or lost luggage, as well as for the lost luggage or valuables during the stay in the hotel (We recommend renting a safe at the hotel reception).
    The traveler is obliged to inform the competent health institution and to comply with the health regulations for travel to a certain country (need for a vaccine or health document). In case of illness or accident during the use of the arrangement, the costs of treatment or possible medical interventions are paid by the passenger. Therefore, we recommend that you make a Travel Insurance policy through the Insurance Company before the trip, which can be paid to the agency.
    If the tenant has not agreed on a room / apartment with special features, he / she will accept any officially registered room / apartment for accommodation in the agreed facility, described in the catalog and the price list. If possible, the organizer will try to respond to additional requests of the passenger (comfort, room orientation, floor, etc.) but can not guarantee the fulfillment of such a request. The usual accommodation in the rooms is from 14:00, and leaving the rooms is until 10:00 (unless otherwise stated in the house rules). Late Check IN Late Check IN-Accommodation is not allowed!
    Individual travel is a combination of two or more services provided by the travel organizer for the needs and at the request of the traveler, which usually includes: accommodation service for certain dates and / or transportation, local service, etc., which travel is not offered by the organizer as a regular group program, but is organized only for the needs of the Traveler.

    For individual reservations and arrangements the traveler pays a deposit in the name of booking costs. If the reservation is accepted by the traveler, the deposit is calculated in the price of the trip. If the travel organizer does not confirm the reservation, the deposit is fully refunded to the traveler. The provisions of item 6. of the General Travel Conditions do not apply to individual reservations and arrangements. The traveler has the right to cancel the Individual Travel Agreement after full payment for which he is obliged to inform the organizer in writing. The date of written cancellation of the Agreement is the basis for calculating the fee owed to the organizer, expressed as a percentage of the total cost of the requested trip. The table in Article 6 shall be used for cancellation of individual travel.
    The travel organizer, except in case of his / her negligence and negligence, is not responsible for the deficiencies, material and bodily damages of the individual tourist trips, for which he / she is only an intermediary between the Passenger and the final service providers (for example: individual accommodation service, transport , tickets for sports events, picnics, car rental, etc.). Upon receipt of proof of individual contracted service, the contractual terms become valid exclusively between the Passenger and each individual service provider.

    12-b TOURIST TAX
    Each tourist destination provides for the payment of a local tourist tax by tourists. The tourist tax is paid in the method / facility of residence or through / the local representative.

    In R. GREECE tourist tourist tax will be calculated as a fixed amount per day and per room, depending on the type of accommodation.
    Fees will not be calculated in the total price of the arrangement upon booking. Tourists will be obliged to pay the fee on the spot unless for some accommodation capacity the payment has been previously requested to be made in S-Travel. For more detailed information and the amount of the fee you can find information in S-TRAVEL.

    In case of incomplete or poor performance of services, the passenger is entitled to appropriate compensation, only if he submits a written complaint to the organizer. Every passenger – holder (signatory) of the contract has the right to object on the basis of unperformed agreed service. The organizer will not accept in the procedure group complaints submitted by several contract holders on the basis of one complaint.
    Complaint procedure:
    Immediately on the spot, the passenger advertises the inadequate service with the representative of the organizer, and if he does not have it, with the service provider. The passenger is obliged to cooperate with the representative and the service provider in good faith to remove the reasons for the complaint. If the passenger on the spot does not accept the offered solution of the complaint that corresponds to the paid service, the organizer will not accept the additional complaint of the passenger and will not respond to it.
  • If the reason for the complaint is not removed, the passenger compiles a written confirmation (minutes) with the representative.
  • No later than 8 days after the end of the arrangement, the passenger submits a written complaint to the point of sale where he paid for the arrangement, and encloses the written confirmation (minutes) signed by the representative as well as any invoices for additional costs. The organizer will receive in the procedure only the fully documented complaints submitted within the specified period of 8 days.
  • The organizer is obliged to make a written decision within 14 days from the receipt of the complaint at the point of sale. The organizer may postpone the deadline for resolving the complaint in order to complete the information and check the stated complaints with the service provider. The organizer will solve only those complaints for which the reasons that caused them could not be removed in the place of rest.
  • Until the organizer makes a decision on the complaint, the passenger refuses to mediate with any other person, court proceedings or provide information in the public media. The possible non-compliance of the buyer-passenger with it, or violation of the initiated procedure with any activity mentioned or not, gives a reason for non-acceptance of the complaint, termination of the initiated procedure and at the same time filing a lawsuit before the competent authorities by the organizer. the damage suffered for damaged public reputation.
  • The highest fee after the complaint can reach an amount up to the amount of the advertised part of the services, but it can not include the already used services as well as the total amount of the arrangement. This excludes the buyer’s right to compensation for “ideal damage”.
    In accordance with item 13. of these conditions, the buyer of the services of a certain program has the right to complain to the travel organizer. If the buyer is not satisfied with the decision of the organizer, he has the right to request additional arbitration and opinion by the Court of Honor at the competent chamber or by the competent Court at the place where the seat of the tour organizer is located.